This 1" round custom wax seal was designed with you in mind, using the elegance of wax seals on truly any DIY project or envelope!

Each wax seal is delicately created in an organic form with adhesive backing so your seals can be easily applied in any situation. The backing is a professional grade, permanent seal, therefore, peel and stick your wax seals carefully!

An individual wax seal weighs approximately 0.02 oz (0.5 grams) and won't add significant weight to invitations. The wax seals are also flexible to prevent cracking or breaking when mailing.

This lovely "thanks" design is universal for a modern or elegant affair. Wax seals are perfect for any DIY project for a bridal shower, baby shower, engagement party, birthday party or used as wedding favors.

This particular wax seal is created in a Rose Gold color. Rose Gold is a creamy gold with pink undertones and shimmery metallic swirls.


Rose Gold Wax Seal

*Custom colors available upon request, minimum requirement is 50 for all custom colors. Click here to request custom color

Rose Gold Thanks Wax Seal

  • Due to the custom nature of the work, no refunds are available.

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