Welcome into my world of wedding stationery, all packaged into a cute little eBook in hopes to help millions of couples feel more confident tackling this part of their wedding planning.


After years of learning and hundreds of invitations designed (and being stuck in quarantine during a pandemic...) I have created a wedding guide book to help couples conquer the wedding stationery world of planning. You will discover top wedding invitation tips from stationery experts and gain confidence in pinpointing your own wedding stationery needs.


Think of it as your personal wedding invitation FAQ book, right in your back pocket, to use at any time.


The most common wedding invitation questions will be answered, such as: What should be included in a wedding invitation? When should wedding invitations be sent out? What's the difference between going custom and ordering invitations online? 


WOO! This is just scratching the surface of what you will learn...


I'm ALL about visuals, so this 30+ page bad boy will help inspire you while breaking things down to easily digest. You will learn printing and font lingo along with wedding invitation etiquette. Can I just say all your engaged friends will be running to YOU for all their wedding invitation questions?


But of course, you'll just give them the link to this eBook, right? RIGHT?! 


I'm a tad obsessed with interactive workbooks, so I have added excercises for you to figure out your wedding brand, what you really need inside your wedding suite, what day of details you may need and how to prioritize your wedding needs compared to your wish list items. 


Let's get started. 

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Invitations - eBook

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  • A zip file has been created with multiple PDF's inside. You will be given access to download once your order is confirmed via email. You will need Adobe Acrobat, or similar program to view. 

    I have broken out the exercises into PDF's to easily print at home as well as added BONUS material for you to enjoy!

  • I'm truly dying to know what you think and if this eBook helped you either in a huge way or even the smallest way. Write a review for the book here and please spread the word! 

Questions? Contact me: christy@thepapervow.com

Columbus, Ohio

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