Wedding Color Inspiration for 2021

In the very beginning of wedding planning, it is important to choose your wedding color palette right off the bat. EVERYONE you talk to, regarding wedding vendors, will be asking you what your wedding vibe is along with your color palette. Nailing this down right away will help wedding vendors give their best suggestions on making your vision a reality within your budget.

Because it is just too fun (and I needed creative outlet during this COVID life right now) I have created 6 wedding moodboards to help inspire those that may be a little lost on where to begin. My suggestion is to look at the below moodboards and not only focus on the color suggestions but also the imagery to give you the overall "feel" for that particular wedding vibe.

What stands out to you most? And, just as important, what do you see that you definitely do not like? Each wedding moodboard has a link with more images on my Pinterest page. Have fun pinning, being inspired and happy wedding planning!

For The Modern Minimalist Bride

You love clean and simple designs. Monotone colors + acrylic invitations + simple greenery create a dreamy modern minimalist vibe.

modern minimalist wedding inspiration with neutral colors and simple greenery
Modern Minimalist Wedding Inspiration

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For The Classic Elegance Bride

You want something traditional and timeless. I would recommend a softer color palette containing whites and ivory tones, choose textured paper for your stationery such as linen and add a dash of metallic gold.

classic elegance wedding inspiration with images to create a traditional yet timeless wedding
Classic Elegance Wedding Vibe Moodboard

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For The Modern Topical Bride

Now, this gives me all the feels. This year, I was able to play with a tropical vibe wedding for a bride and I became quickly obsessed. My bride wanted to do a destination beach wedding, but decided to get married here in Ohio, by family. The result? A beautiful way to incorporate the tropical vibe in a not-so-tropical location and it was gorgeous. Add a deep color palette with contrasting accent tones. Include monstera and palm leaves with splashes of bold floral elements.

modern tropical wedding moodboard ideas with bold colors and monstera and palms leaves
Modern Tropical Wedding Moodboard

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For The Mountain Escape Bride

Okay, I said the one above gave me the feels but THIS... this would be my dream wedding if I were to marry my husband all over again. To be honest, I put this together with that dream in mind. Deep moody colors mixed with textures such as velvet for the tablescape. Of course, add in copper metallic or gold to really elevate an outdoor space.

Mountain wedding inspiration with dark color palette and copper metallics
Mountain wedding moodboard

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For The Mystical Beach Bride

A dreamy location on the beach needs the perfect color palette and decor to match. I would use deckled paper wedding invitations with sandy tones and dusty blues. Hanging outdoor lights with soft saffron material to make it look like you entered a dream.

Dusty blues and sandy colors mixed with soft saffron to create a dreamy beach wedding
Mystical Beach Wedding MoodBoard

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For The Vibrant Vibe Bride

Last, but certainly not least, the all colorful vibrant vibe moodboard! For those wanting to truly wow and go bold, I suggest thick colored wedding stationery with white ink to give it a real pop. Use of rainbow watercolor is also a gorgeous addition. Using fuschia, yellows and blues mixed with natural greenery will surely wow any guest.

Vibrant colors used for a bold wedding including fuschia, yellows and blues. Florals and greenery
Vibrant Vibe Wedding

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Hopefully you had as much fun checking these out as I did creating them! I would love to hear your thoughts and which you liked best! Feel free to comment below on your favorite :)

Stay safe and healthy,