How to Begin Planning Your Wedding Invitations

You are ready to tackle the task of wedding invitations and I first want to say I'm proud of you for doing your Googling and finding out what you can before getting started!

What you will learn from this blog: You will see examples of wedding invitation designs to help distinguish your personal "wedding vibe," three recommended questions you should ask yourself before digging into your stationery, questions to ask your wedding stationer (and what we may ask you!) and capping off with helpful hashtags to help jumpstart your vision board!

Side note: this truly is BEYOND fun and the excitement to create a snapshot of your wedding day on paper that'll last forever should outweigh the nervousness of what goes into it, I promise. Then again, this is why I chose this as my career for the past 7 years and now decided to write about it. ☺️

Wedding Stationery Paper & Wax Seals

1. Understand Your Wedding "Vibe"

This is the biggest question that pretty much all wedding vendors will ask you: "What is your wedding vibe and vision?" You won't be able to escape this subject, so let's dig into it! Do you already know you want a traditional or non-traditional wedding? Are you whisked away into thoughts of a romantic garden with twinkling lights above? Or do you fancy a black and white modern motif or perhaps think splashes of watercolor everywhere? If you already have your vibe in mind, go ahead and continue to #2.

When I have a bride that comes to me that truly has no idea what she wants, I'll ask her to look inward and reflect on her own personal style and how friends would describe the two of them as a couple.

Let's go through this exercise together.

Do you like to get all fancy and dolled up? Or, is your favorite outfit mega casual, wearing your fiancé's big sweatshirt with a pair of cute leggings?

Are you both more adventurous and nature driven or prefer to snuggle in with a movie?

What is typically the most important to you when you walk out of the house... having rockin' make-up and hair or feeling like a badass in those new shoes? What colors do you see most when walking into your closet? If you are like me, it's a TON of gray, black, more gray... and then some random pops of color when I'm feeling spunky.

Do you both like to splurge on money and go all out once in a while or are you both very budget conscious?

This is a great way to pinpoint what YOU feel most comfortable with and how your wedding day should reflect both of your personal styles. If you are a couple that love to get dressed up and go out for a night on the town, a more formal social gathering may be right up your alley. If you are both super casual and don't like a whole lot of attention, keep it more intimate and mellow.

I feel I see a lot of brides get more tense as the wedding planning goes if she truly isn't following her heart on choosing details that speak to her. Do what feels right for you and not what you think you SHOULD be doing. I can help tell your mom that too if you need me to... yeah you moms. I see you.

Take a look at the wedding invitations below to help inspire what different vibes you are attracted to!

FRESH AND COLORFUL: From style shoot published on Ruffled Blog. Check out full vendor list and more inspiration here.

CLASSIC & TRADITIONAL: Photo by Belinda Jean Photography

2. Understand How Important Invitations Are To You.

Budget is not a fun topic, but it’s an important one that needs to be figured out from the get-go. Break up your vendor budget by priorities and pick your top 3 most important ones with your partner.

Do wedding invitations make your top 3?

Compare how important stationery is to you against say your wedding florals, your photographer, your caterer or cake design. Having everyone on the same page will help immensely down the road (even for other wedding vendors!)

Budget is important to understand as you move forward in thinking of which invitation route you should go. If you feel iffy on invitations as a whole, you may feel more comfortable purchasing online from or Etsy or DIY your own. If you feel a strong connection for your invitations and have prioritized your budget around this, then finding the right custom designer may be the perfect route for you! From this point, you can narrow down on your search and referrals relating to what platform you'll want to move forward with.

3. Start the Fun and Begin Building Your Vision Board!

Alright, alright, NOW is the time to start going Pinterest crazy... BUT, remember not to go nuts and pin everything and anything you see. Remember what you are attracted to, what your wedding vibe is and focus on those specific keywords.

If you are going with a wild tropical wedding theme, look specifically for those keywords while searching online to pin. If you want bold black yet elegant wedding invitations, look up a combination of these specific keywords. It's easy to become overwhelmed with all the options out there, so make it easier on yourself by scrolling through only what YOU really know you'll love and be inspired by.

If you still aren't sure where to start, begin pinning invitations you like and as you do begin to morph your wedding day, go back and delete ones that no longer fit your vision to keep it clean and organized.

Narrowing down your vision board before talking to other wedding vendors is a huge help. Many vendors will ask the same question of what your vision and vibe is for your big day, so come to consultations prepared, or be email ready, feeling confident sharing your wedding details! It is way easier for us wedding vendors to pin down and suggest ideas we know you'll love after understanding what you are going for, compared to a bride who may come to us without having any direction.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Stationery Designer

You decided to go the custom route and work with your own personal wedding stationery designer, hooray! Here are some helpful questions to ask when looking for your perfect match to design the wedding suite of your dreams:

• What types of printing and design do you offer and which do you specialize in?

• What would you recommend for our budget and style?

• Are we able to see physical samples of your work? This helps to know if you cannot meet them but still be able to touch and feel your paper options and know what you are getting!

• Can we order day of details from you as well to match?

• How long does the process take from design to completed invitations being delivered?

• Do you offer invitation addressing and mailing service? If so, what is the charge for this?

• When would you be able to start working on our suite?

Keep in mind: Invitations should be sent out 8-10 weeks prior to your wedding date. Work backwards from there, as most custom designers need at least 4-6 weeks to design/produce a suite (this can vary).

Questions I Ask My Brides

• What’s your wedding vibe and vision for your wedding stationery?

• What is your wedding color palette?

• What's a "must-have" for your invitation suite? Suggestions are using a wax seal because you are as obsessed as I am for them! Or, a custom venue sketch, custom wedding monogram, envelope liners or incorporating a vellum overlay.

• Do you have visual inspiration of what styling you are looking for?

• How many invitations are you needing? (think of per household and not per guest!)

• Date you need invitations sent out by and will you need me to mail them for you?

Hashtags to Use When Looking for Wedding Invitation Inspiration on Social Media

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Have a topic on invitations you'd love to hear more about? Shoot me a suggestion and I'll for sure consider it as I build up this blog! Thanks a ton!

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