Predictions for Wedding Invitations for 2021

Holy crap, it's November of 2020. With everyone saying "2020, what a shit show," it's a bit relieving knowing the year is rounding to the end. I am hopeful for a more uplifting 2021, I may be naive, but we will see!!

This has been quite a year in the wedding stationery world and I have been thinking a lot about what 2021 may look like for couples'. Instead of keeping these thoughts to myself, I thought I'd share!

Here are my predictions for wedding invitations for the year 2021, amid COVID pandemic.

1) Going Personal, More Than Ever.

With many couples' having to postpone their wedding due to COVID, I feel they are forced to really think about what's important to them for their special day. Many would maybe say "ditch the invitations" but I feel the opposite. This is an opportunity to dig deeper on designing wedding stationery that truly speaks their love story. Because couples' will not be sending out the normal 100-150 invitations and having to cut down on their guest lists, this opens up the budget to spend more on the little details compared to spreading thin.

Ideas you can do to truly customize your wedding invitation:

• Create a custom watercolor of the venue you will be saying "I do" (even if it's your house!) This will be a piece of art you can cherish forever, knowing after much stress of juggling planning during a pandemic, this is the place you finally married your best friend.

Watercolor by Lovely Arrow Design

• Custom wax seal design AND color. It's easier than you think to create a custom wax seal design for your wedding suite. On top of that, it's even easier to make a custom color for you that no one else can have!

• Have your envelopes be done with calligraphy. This is thought of as a "premium luxury" item, but with less amount of invitations, it can be fun to splurge on creating a special art piece that begins on the outside of your wedding envelope all the way in to your wedding invitation.

• Create special day-of stationery for your guests by customizing their menus at their place setting. This can kill two birds with one stone, using it as an escort card as well and making your guests feel truly special. We are all about the warm and fuzzies right now, right? This is the perfect way to accomplish that.

Photograph: Anna Markley Photography

2) Becoming More Eco-Conscious.

If you are a paper nerd like me, you understand that not only the design of an invitation is important, but the paper too. You can have the most minimal wedding invitation design printed on a gorgeous textured paper to elevate the whole thing. Paper can speak for itself, and I can see going eco is going to become quite a thing for 2021.

Check out my designer friend, Alaina over at Lumaca Paper.

3) Smarter Spending

When thinking of a wedding budget, it can seem overwhelming when planning for 200+ guests. Now that COVID has made wedding plans change, micro weddings are popping up more than ever and couples' can focus on budget in smaller chunks, making it less stressful. Well, I can't say less stressful since it's beyond stressful trying to navigate what will happen during this crazy pandemic and plan a wedding... BUT it may make it easier to have budget discussions. It'll be easier to put together a wedding budget and pinpoint what the must-haves are. My personal opinion is that it'll be easier to track where money is being spent due to having a more intimate celebration.

4) Going Digital for RSVP's

While some formality will stay, I feel we may be saying goodbye to the RSVP card with envelope (for now...) Many couples' are opting to RSVP online, making it safer for guests instead of asking to touch and mail back in a response that goes through the postal system.

If you don't want to get rid of this cute little card, take advantage and add an email address line to gather alongside guest responses. This way, you can communicate with them on important updates, especially if you have to make any last minute changes!

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