How Can I Make My Wedding Invitations Look Expensive?

Maybe your budget doesn't allow you to do a full custom suite. But, you are hoping to give a little extra pizazz to your invitations that make them seem like you did. So what are some things you can do to make them look more expensive and set that elegant tone?

What you will learn from this blog: Ways to create a high end look for your wedding invitation.

"Remember, your invitation is the first look into your wedding day that guests get to see and be able to keep after!"

- Christy Townsend


Let's start with the very first layer your guests see in their mailbox. Start your impression right off the bat!

• Use a colored envelope or one with a metallic sheen

Imagine pulling out a pile of mail and seeing a beautiful emerald green envelope or a metallic blue. Your guest will want to tear it open before they walk back up the driveway to see what's inside!

• Hire a calligrapher to handwrite your address's or have them digitally printed

Don't try to handwrite them yourself or use clear labels. Instead, opt to have a professional calligrapher handwrite your envelopes (roughly $2-$4 per envelope, depending on style/quantity) or have them digitally printed to match the font of your invitation (roughly $1.50-$2 per envelope, depending on style/quantity).

• Envelope Liner

When your guest opens their envelope, the space within the inner flap can be used to make a strong impact. This will literally be the first piece of design they will see as they get a sneak peek of the invitation nestled snug inside. You can extend the design of your invitation on it, add your wedding monogram or add a sheet of glitter to make it pop!

(roughly $1-$2 per envelope, depending on if you DIY or have a professional)


It's all about the embellishments on your wedding invitations that'll give it an extra edge. You can have a clean, simple invitation and bring in a high end tone using some of the embellishments below:

• Wax Seals

How can you go wrong? I adore wax seals and their magical effect on wedding invitations. Create a custom design (hey, I can help!) or visit a website such as or Etsy to look at pre-designed seals to order. You can have someone, like myself, hand drip wax seals onto your suite or purchase ones that have a self-adhesive sticker on the backside to DIY yourself!

(roughly $1.25+ per suite depending on size/shape/quantity)

Check out my wedding collection on my site for inspiration!

• Silk or Velvet Ribbon

Tie your wedding invitation cards together with a silk ribbon to give it a soft and romantic feel. Going more bold? Try velvet to give your suite texture and have your guests not be able to put it down!

(roughly $2+ per suite, depending on style/quantity)

French Blue Silk:

• Use of Vellum

Vellum is becoming a popular invitation embellishment and I definitely see why. It's sheer and allows your design to still shine through but still give it more "oomph." Use as a belly band or a wrap, it'll bring on all the feels.

(roughly $1+ per suite, depending on styling/printing/quantity)

• Upgrade Your Printing Method

If your budget allows, adding in gold foiling is a great way to really amplify your wedding invitation. The use of letterpress, embossing or thermography are incredible printing methods as well that can take your invitations to the next level.

Whether you want to keep your wedding invitation simple and minimal or go the extra mile, there are multiple options to create an invitation not only your guests will admire, but for you to love and cherish forever after your wedding day.

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