Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Invitations

During the beginning of COVID, everything we knew seemed to be at a standstill. My heart truly ached for couples trying to plan their wedding and even more so for those getting engaged. The excitement seemed to be drowned out by unknowns and if a wedding date could even be set. I needed to help.

I was pregnant and going crazy not having my creative outlet with the wedding industry being shut down, wanting desperately to do something to help. What am I an expert at? Wedding invitations... so... an eBook was born (and my actual baby, sweet Amelia in September :))

You have been searching online like crazy for answers regarding your wedding invitations. Questions, I'm sure, similar to ones I would hear like:

  • When should I send out my wedding invitations?

  • How much will my wedding invitations cost going custom compared to online?

  • What is the correct etiquette for wedding invitations?

  • How should I address a non-identifying guest's envelope?

  • What is the different between digital print and letterpress?

  • What are embellishments??

I get it. It can be a lot.

The most common wedding invitation questions are answered for you, saving you hours Googling and reading forums of what you should do. I've noticed over the years that invitations seem like a daunting task for many. I would be like the energizer bunny, giddy to start talking stationery details and dig into what I bride wants, but then realize a lot of lingo would get lost in translation without me even realizing it until I would just get the "stare" of uhhhh.

Become a font-lingo pro.

What are the differences between printing methods?

Pshhh, you'll look at something now and instantly say "duh, digital" or "oooh, pretty embossed invitation!"

What does that # mean in front of a number for paper? (no, it's not a hashtag)

Oh, YOU will know now.

Become the envy of your other engaged friends because you became a boss at tackling your wedding invitations overnight. Well... until they buy a copy too :)

I'll speak no more! I'll let my quarantine project do the talking for me, all 30+ pages (trust me, LOTS of visuals, this isn't a novel, I promise) And I truly hope this helps you as much as it did me during a crazy time of unknown.

Enjoy! I'm here for you for any additional questions!

Cannot wait to hear what you think!

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