Advice on How to Choose Your Wedding Stationer

What you will learn from this blog: Questions to ask yourself and your wedding stationer when deciding on the perfect creator to design your dream wedding invitations!

Gold foil wedding invitation with botanical green pops of color and vellum wrap
Classic greenery wedding suite with vellum wrap

Determining whom to trust your wedding vision with for your wedding invitations is a big decision. There is a lot of money, time and effort put into them, so how do you know they are a right fit for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself, and the stationer, to make sure you are a great match.

TIP: Don't overwhelm yourself in the beginning of your search. Choose 3-4 designers to start with. You don't want to send emails to 12 different wedding stationers and have them all write back to you asking for a consultation and throwing information at you. It can be a lot. Start small and as you decide which ones aren't a good fit, then research and pick another!

1) What is the wedding stationer's style of design?

Are they known to be light and romantic with script font? Are they strictly a letterpress invite master? Are they known to design bold and fun designs? Hone in on the styling of invitation you know YOU love and start researching from there. Many wedding stationers showcase their work on their website and social media platforms. Use these tools at your fingertips to do most of the talking, we are putting our favorites out there for you! Do you think "yup, love that..." "o.m.g. yes!" and "um, I want that..." when scrolling through? Reach out if you do!

2) What is their minimum order amount?

Many custom wedding stationers have a minimum order amount they work with. Some may be $1,500-$5,000 while others may not have one at all. With COVID right now, this may vary so if you do see a minimum on a wedding stationer's website and get bummed out, I'd still reach out and see if they are flexible! Like myself, I used to have one but understand that times are much different now with the pandemic and we have to flexible too.

3) Do they offer consultations?

You need to know if you connect and if your potential wedding stationer excites you with their ideas of how to make your wedding vision come to life on paper. It's a two way road, the stationer will want to feel a connection with you as well and talking before designing is an extremely important step. You may only chat in person once and do everything else electronically afterward, but having that initial communication will be key. This will give you the vibe if they are the right fit for you and a foundation of your working relationship with them!

4) Go with your gut!

After having an initial consultation with your stationer and receiving a formal quote on your wedding stationery, now is the time to make a decision and ask yourself these key questions:

  • Do you trust they understand what you want?

  • Do they have great reviews from previous clients online?

  • Did they excite you with their ideas and make you pumped for your wedding invitation process?

  • Have they been responsive to your questions and reply in a timely manner?

  • Are they within your budget?

  • Do you feel completely comfortable with them?

In the end, it's all about choosing what you feel is right!

Last Tips:

Don't be shy! Speak up on truly what you want.

If you aren't digging something they designed for you during the initial design phase, don't hesitate to say you feel it's not the right vibe or direction you are hoping for! (you won't hurt our feelings and the earlier you mention it, the better!)

Be wordy! The more direction you give us initially, the more we can understand your vision. Word vomit can be a good thing 😜

Be flexible! If you allow a little creative freedom, your wedding stationer may bring new ideas to the table that you may not have thought of and absolutely adore!

Liking my vibe?! Feel free to connect with me and see if I am the right fit for your custom wedding stationery needs!

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