When should I send out my wedding invitations?

I highly recommend 8-10 weeks out from your wedding date. Right now, with COVID-19, you can push this out a little more due to the unknowns. Your guests will be waiting anxiously for information, so sending out as soon as possible is the best way. Be sure to direct them to a wedding website for most up-to-date information!


Give yourself 4 weeks (3 weeks minimum) for your RSVP date to allow time to hunt down those who haven't responded yet. 

Are custom invitations super expensive?

To compare, you can find an online set of invitations around $3-$5 a suite. When you do go the custom route, it really depends on what printing methods you choose, the type of embellishments used, etc. They can range from $8-$25 a suite. It's definitely best to chat ahead of time with a phone or Zoom consultation and receive a formal proposal!


Think of how current events are affecting your wedding planning and how you may need to make quick changes on your invitation or need advice/guidance along the way. You won't be able to receive this type of detail going the online route compared to a stationer, like me, who truly has your best interest at heart!


So, longer answer... I leave this up to personal style and preference and your own definition of what you feel is "too expensive." It's crucial to have a budget set for your wedding planning, so make sure you know where your invitations and wedding stationery fall within your priority list.


Can I have my wedding guests RSVP online?

This used to make me cringe, but I am seeing it more frequently due to needing replies ASAP with COVID stress of planning. This depends a lot on the timing of your wedding and when you are able to get your invitations out. Make the best judgement call. If you are only shy of a few weeks away, have your guests reply online. But, if you have quite a bit of time, I would opt for a card with envelope!


If you do opt for replying on a website, make sure this request stands out dramatically compared to other information to make sure your guests see it loud and clear!


How long does production of invitations typically take?

Quick answer is around 3-4 weeks. A lot depends on the quantity and type of printing methods you are using, the number of embellishments and what type of envelope printing you are doing.


If you are having your stationer assemble and mail for you, they may need an additional 1-2 weeks (again, depending on if you are going all out with vintage stamps or regular and how many invitations need to be assembled). 


Do you offer day-of item designs or strictly wedding invitations?

Yes! I adore working with a couple on their wedding invitations and being able to carry that design onto their day-of details. That way, everything has a cohesive look and feel to all paper goods used. 

Popular wedding day stationery items include: ceremony programs, signage, menus, cocktail napkins, table numbers, seating chart, escort  cards and thank you's. 


I'm here for you! 

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